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Charlie Dawson, Rotherham

I would like to tell you my story and help people make the right choice.
As a young man I played professional sport, but was injured and I had to have an operation on my knee. Years passed and I almost forgot about it. But a year ago I began to feel pain in my knee; it was even hurting to bend down to tie laces. Turning to the doctor here in UK, I heard something that I did not want to hear. I needed knee replacement surgery. It looked like the old injury had had an effect. Financially I couldn’t afford to have the operation in my own country and was at a loss as to what to do. Then my daughter visited and explained to me what medical tourism is and how it works. Frankly speaking, I am pretty conservative and was skeptical, but had little other choice. The clinic was selected mainly by my daughter.
The day arrived and my daughter flew to Riga with me. I must say I was impressed by the professionalism of the doctor and friendliness of the staff. The clinic itself is beautiful and even the food was delicious.
The operation is now behind me and I can honestly say that I am very grateful to my daughter for making the right choice and to you for the responsible approach to your work. Thank you.

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* This is feedback from a former patient, and such results cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Procedure prices

Procedure   Surgery   Implant
Hip replacement   £ 2 980   from £ 1 440
Knee replacement   £ 2 980   £ 1 980
ACL reconstruction   £ 1 980   £ 340