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Graeme Milne, Cookham

I had been waiting for a date for knee replacement surgery with the NHS for so long I was becoming depressed. I was in constant pain and could only get about with great difficulty. I really missed walking my dogs.

I considered private surgery, but the cost was way beyond my means and the waiting list was still considerable. I had hit another brick wall, until a friend of mine suggested looking abroad. My investigations led me to your website and I submitted an enquiry. From that point on my life changed. Within two weeks I was at the Orthopaedic Riga clinic in Riga. Everything had been arranged so quickly and professionally and at a price I could afford. This included the hotel stay, transport and aftercare as well. The operation was a complete success and within two weeks I was home again ready to continue my rehabilitation.

I can't speak highly enough of the people that looked after me right from the first contact and all of them spoke English. The clinic was fantastic, even down to the food.

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* This is feedback from a former patient, and such results cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Procedure prices

Procedure   Surgery   Implant
Hip replacement   £ 2 980   from £ 1 440
Knee replacement   £ 2 980   £ 1 980
ACL reconstruction   £ 1 980   £ 340