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Isabella Cooper, Bradford

Thank you very much for your excellent work! For helping people get their lives back! When you are in the clinic you don’t feel the cold hospital walls and a level of indifference from the staff. You are made tofeel comfortable and welcome at your clinic. A nice room and nice people around you taking good care of you. Special thanks to my doctor, Dr Omelchenko, for his professionalism and warmth! My hip is so much better, having to wait for surgey would have been too much to bear. I know I made the right decision. Thank you!!

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* This is feedback from a former patient, and such results cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Procedure prices

Procedure   Surgery   Implant
Hip replacement   £ 2 980   from £ 1 440
Knee replacement   £ 2 980   £ 1 980
ACL reconstruction   £ 1 980   £ 340