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Oscar Johnson, London

Last summer I had a great adventure. Hurrying to work, I ran into the hallway and stepped on my son's skate. Naturally, I fell. Due to the noise and crashing coming out of my home my neighbour rushed over, saw me lying on the floor and realised that something was wrong. Instead of going to work, I went to the hospital and received bad news. After discussing the situation with my husband and family, I came to the conclusion that the operation would have to be done abroad. I needed to carry on working but would have to wait for an operation in the UK. Trying to work, be a mother and lead a full life with a very painful hip was not an option. The selection of clinics was not small, but in the end I chose you and was very pleased. Professional and organised work, good price and good food so for all ofthis, I have to say thank you ! It was not easy to leave the clinic my experience was so good.. Now I'm healthy, and have even resumed my morning jog, and yes, my son has changed a lot, he never leaves his things lying around now.

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* This is feedback from a former patient, and such results cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Procedure prices

Procedure   Surgery   Implant
Hip replacement   £ 2 980   from £ 1 440
Knee replacement   £ 2 980   £ 1 980
ACL reconstruction   £ 1 980   £ 340