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Thomas Bailey, Bolton

Unfortunately, my father needed knee replacement surgery and I had a very important mission - to arrange his surgery abroad and to make the right choice. This was a big responsibility. Now looking back, I can proudly say I succeded and made the right choice by arranging the surgery with Orthopaedic Riga.

The surgery was a success, and now my father can walk independently and not even feel any pain. It’s great!

The clinic itself is very beautiful, everyone is friendly and ready to help at any time. Dr.Omelchenko was wonderful. I can definately recommend the clinic; you will be extremely satisfied with the care and service provided.

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* This is feedback from a former patient, and such results cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Procedure prices

Procedure   Surgery   Implant
Hip replacement   £ 2 980   from £ 1 440
Knee replacement   £ 2 980   £ 1 980
ACL reconstruction   £ 1 980   £ 340