New ACL reconstruction method

ACL reconstruction is considered a very simple and wide-spread surgery. Its aim is to give the knee functional stability, which had been previously lost. There are numerous ways and methods to conduct the surgery, including not only the technical aspects, but also the materials used for the graft.

Before choosing surgery, you should consult your doctor and decide when the operation should be conducted. It depends largely on the severity of the symptoms, activity and involvement in sports. When there are no symptoms, a patient can delay the surgery, trying various ways of conservative management.

But, this can lead to a deterioration in the quality of life and have long-lasting consequences. ACL reconstruction is a wide-spread surgery and is totally harmless if conducted by a qualified orthopaedic surgeon.

Traditional versus new fixation repair

The knee is a joint supported by four ligaments, one of which is the ACL. It is inclined to damage and causes lots of trouble to millions of people worldwide. Luckily there are ways to repair it simply by integrating a graft and letting it grow into the joint.

Traditional surgery, conducted ubiquitously, has proved to be successful. During such an operation surgeons make a tunnel in the bones of the joint. Each end of the graft is fixed on the sides of the tunnel, which helps the new ligament function as the native one.

However, a team of researchers from the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine has offered a new method, which is likely to attract the attention of surgeons around the world, as it has many benefits and can be an alternative to traditional surgery. With the help of this method, sutures push the graft into the jacks, created in the bones. They are then firmly fixed to the surface of the bones, which makes the graft’s position solid and secure. Such a suspension system helps to avoid cell and tissue damage and helps the graft act like a real ligament.

When this experiment was conducted on six dogs, four had reached total healing but the grafts didn’t integrate into the bones like native ones. But dogs, which were treated in the new way, showed outstanding results and all the grafts healed and acted like real ligaments.

This method can be a real breakthrough and will help surgeons around the world bring ACL reconstruction to a new level. It will surely help thousands of patients around the world to get back to their usual life and forget about the ligament problems.

To get additional information and find out about the graft materials and various techniques, contact your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon. Together you will be able to choose the best option.