Orthopaedics in Latvia

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries, which announced its independence in 1991 and joined the European Union in 2004. Despite the relatively small territory it has a rich culture and traditions, but not only in literature or architecture. Its capital, Riga, is a beautiful city with all conveniences. Here medical tourists can not only have surgery, but also go sightseeing and dive into the delicious cuisine and friendly atmosphere. Nice climate, openness of borders and a favourable location make Latvia a very famous medical tourism destination, combining a classical approach with the latest achievements in the field. It is well-known for providing medical services in such spheres as orthopaedics, dentistry, plastic surgery and others. These procedures are wide spread not only because of their high-quality, but also for the relatively low costs.

Due to open borders, medical professionals have a chance to constantly improve their skills, taking part in conferences and gaining additional degrees in foreign medical schools. In Latvia, doctors need to study 9 to 12 years to obtain a diploma, which proves their profound skills and knowledge. They are constant participants in worldwide conferences and always present new approaches and research in various spheres. Latvian doctors are successfully employed across the world and are always in high demand due to the high level of qualifications and constant training. Latvian clinics have everything a patient needs: new equipment, comfortable wards and all sorts of conveniences. The rehabilitation process after orthopaedic surgery is easy and pleasant. The staff provide first-class services, tasty meals and round-the-clock assistance.

Orthopaedics rightfully occupies leading positions in Latvian medical tourism. Here diagnostic accuracy is impressive: 3-Tesla magnetic resonance, ultrasound of joints and other research, will make the surgery clear and safe.

One of the main advantages of orthopaedic services in Latvia is the price. Patients know that such surgeries as hip and knee replacement, or ACL reconstruction can be quite costly. Unfortunately not all patients can afford them and waste time saving money or postponing the procedure, putting up with pain. Medical tourism has opened new borders, patients from all over the world can come to Latvia and have their surgery performed at half the price! For example, hip replacement in the UK costs around £10,000 – £12,000, while the same procedure in Latvia – £4,500. A round-trip ticket will cost approximately £100 across Europe and all the additional expenses will pleasantly surprise any patient.

When choosing a place to have orthopaedic surgery, Latvia will surely draw your attention with its beautiful cities and nature, highly professional doctors and modern hospitals, and of course low prices. You don’t need to tolerate the pain and you will have the unique chance to combine treatment with tourism. Contact the orthopaedic surgeon or the hospital and they will provide you with all the necessary data.