Jessica Green, Leeds

To show my appreciation I would like to leave a review for your clinic for the work that you do. We are talking about my beloved grandfather. He is 76 years old, he has always had good health and a pretty active lifestyle, but suddenly he began to feel pain in his hip. It lasted for a few weeks and so we persuaded him to see a doctor. Unfortunately, our worst fears were confirmed. He needed an operation but would have to wait a considerable length of time if we chose NHS care. To do the operation privately in the UK did not seem possible, we simply couldn’t afford it. I started to research and chose your clinic. Since my grandfather felt great discomfort, it was necessary to do the surgery as soon as possible and I was very pleased by the fact that everything was arranged in the shortest possible time. The operation was successful and the period of rehabilitation was excellent too. Now my grandfather can walk safely and all the family are happy. Thanks again!

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.