Private orthopaedics

We all want to lead a happy and healthy way of life, but unfortunately it often happens that we are not satisfied with the quality of medical services we receive. In such cases we start searching for alternatives and often choose private hospitals. 

While public facilities, for example the NHS in the UK, have one important benefit (the cost), they have lots of disadvantages. You will have to wait in huge queues and quite probably won’t receive the necessary help in time.

One of the main advantages of private orthopaedic medicine is that you won’t have to wait for the operation. You are free to choose the doctor, the hospital and the treatment, and receive the surgery immediately.

The number of patients waiting for their turn in a public hospital is really striking! Hundreds of thousands of patients wait for a couple of months (up to 6) to reach the doctor! When urgent patients need surgery, the queue gets longer and you go down the list. Private hospitals are the solution to this problem and can provide services without any delay.

Yes, the prices might be quite shocking at first. For example, the average cost of a hip replacement in the UK is £10,000, but we are living in times when borders are blurred and you can go abroad to obtain the same surgery for a much lower price! Hip replacement surgery costs only £4,500 in Latvia, but you will receive a first class service. Medical tourism is becoming so popular that the researchers say the number of such tourists doubles every year! People choose to go abroad not only because of the price, but also to combine the surgery with sightseeing and discovering a new culture.

There are also many questions regarding the hygiene and tidiness in public hospitals, because the number of patients highly exceeds the quantity of staff and they simply can’t manage all the infections in time.

In a private hospital you will get maximum comfort compared to a public one. You will have your own private room with all necessities: bathroom, TV, air conditioning and assistance of the doctors and nurses. You will have a balanced diet and access to medications, which may not be provided by the NHS.

Make sure that you have studied all the options thoroughly. Don’t be shy to contact the orthopaedic surgeon and discuss your worries and questions. You won’t have to worry about anything, because in a private hospital you will be treated like a member of the family and not like a patient.

If you are still doubting whether you are ready to pay extra money for a private hospital, remember how relaxing and easy it is when you don’t need to worry about anything, because all the services are already included in the bill.