To make the decision to undertake an orthopaedic procedure may be difficult, but unfortunately sometimes this cannot be avoided.

To have the most qualified surgeon is obviously a priority. Within the Baltic States our orthopaedic surgeons are highly regarded and are amongst some of the most experienced and qualified surgeons in Europe. However, we understand that you may have concerns regarding undergoing surgery in a different country from your own, but we can guarantee that you will be given the best possible care. Furthermore, we offer follow up care for a period of 10 years post surgery for a hip or knee replacement and 2 years following ACL reconstruction surgery. Any questions or problems that may arise during this follow up period will be dealt with by your patient coordinator.

BASIC INSURANCE – included in the basic surgical package

The Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement and ACL Reconstruction package includes liability insurance. For a period of 2 months post surgery, the hospital has liability for any additional medical procedures that may be required, up to 30 000 Euro (any further medical procedures must be performed in Riga). If there is conclusive evidence that the surgeon has made an error this insurance will be applied, and will cover the cost of further operations and treatments.

With any surgery there is always the risk of postoperative and delayed postoperative complications, this is explained in detail in the patient information document which will be sent to you when you enquire about orthopaedic surgery. Our experience has shown that approximately 97-98% of our patients will have no complications following their surgery, with only 2-3% having some sort of complication post surgery when they return to the UK. With any complication following surgery you should contact your local GP/hospital as soon as possible, it does not matter where you had your surgery performed you are entitled to GP/hospital care in the UK.

If however, you require further surgery in the UK following your operation in Riga, due to a mistake being made by one of our surgeons, the basic surgery package price will be refunded. It is worth pointing out that a CRP level will be taken (a blood test which measures infection in the body) following surgery. A higher than normal CRP level is to be expected following your surgery, it is the body’s natural response and not the fault of your surgeon or hospital, you will be discharged from hospital with a higher than normal level, this is European and Worldwide common practice. The CRP level with eventually return to normal.

There is no extra charge for the liability insurance and to date we have not had to apply it, which is evidence of the professionalism and experience of our surgeons and team.

As is common practice in the UK, only additional operations and treatments that are necessary due to complications following a mistake by a surgeon, are covered by the basic insurance.

Due to the increasing problems with widespread growing need and lack of resources within the NHS in the UK, many patients with orthopaedic joint pain are having to wait lengthy periods for treatment and/or surgery. Unfortunately many have to wait several months even years. So, because of this, many patients are now thinking about and are having orthopaedic surgery abroad. Some patients may be wary and a little dubious, there have been reports of disreputable clinics, however our clinic has an excellent reputation within the Baltic States and Europe. The number of patients receiving consultations and having orthopaedic surgery with us is increasing. Testaments from former patients show that they are completely satisfied not only with their orthopaedic surgery, but also with the care and commitment given by their surgeons and the medical team. Caring for our patients and their mental wellbeing is just as important as the surgery itself, continuing to improve our service by patient feedback is paramount.

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