Medical Tourism in Latvia

Ten to fifteen years ago medical tourism was not as popular as it is nowadays.

Today the situation has changed. There is an abundance of people searching for high quality medical treatment outside of the UK.

Today Latvia is a very attractive destination for a medical tourist, as the cost for treatment is available for around 50-60% less than that in the UK. For example, a hip operation will cost around £4,500 in Latvia, compared to the UK where it will typically cost around £8,000-£10,000. Private hospitals have modern medical equipment and experienced doctors/surgeons that speak English. Patients requiring knee, hip and all types of orthopaedic operations can be treated in Latvia, which offers; value for money, highly professional surgeons, an excellent quality of care and MRSA regulations are compliant with European regulations.

Latvian medical schools have trained many medical professionals who are highly regarded and are employed by many foreign hospitals, amongst those, hospitals in the UK.

The reasons are clear. Riga is a spectacular city with the exciting architecture, friendly people and an opportunity to save money on the high quality medical services.