Surgery at Orthopaedic Riga. A simple step-by-step guide.

Considering orthopaedic surgery abroad? WHAT’S NEXT?

The process of receiving treatment from us at Orthopaedic Riga is straightforward and consists of 8 main steps.

It starts with you taking Step 1.

Step 1

You can contact us using the enquiry form on our website, by email or by telephone.

Step 2

One of our patient coordinators will contact you soon after. Our patient coordinator will guide you and assist you throughout your whole trip (and also be available for you, to answer any questions by email or telephone when you return home). You will be emailed all necessary information and a simple health questionnaire to fill in. Our doctor will also need to see any x-rays related to your intended surgery. Our patient coordinator will call you to answer any further questions and explain all the practical details you need to know.

Step 3

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire and X-rays, there will be an initial assessment by our surgeon as to whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery you need. Prior to contacting us, you may have already received a “YES” answer from the NHS; your main challenge with the NHS is obviously the waiting time… In the vast majority of cases, the answer from our surgeon will also be “YES”. If so, we are ready to move onto the next step.

Step 4

We agree on the date for surgery. In general we are ready to accept you for surgery promptly, often with one to two weeks.

The usual time schedule for a hip or knee replacement is: arrival on a Monday, pre-operative examinations, consultation with your doctor on the Tuesday, surgery on the Wednesday. The following monday you should be able to travel home. You also have opportunity to choose to stay for one, two or three weeks rehabilitation at the Clinic.

The usual time schedule for ACL reconstruction is: arrival on a Monday, pre-operative examinations, consultation with your doctor on the Tuesday, surgery on the Wednesday. On Thursday you should be able to travel home.

After the date is finalised, you book your flights, we sign a Medical Travel agreement, we arrange your hotel for the first night (we recommend you arrive the day prior your pre-operative examinations), you arrange payment for the surgery and (im)patiently wait for the date of your flight to Riga ☺

We always recommend that (if possible) you bring an accompanying person with you to stay with you in the same room during your stay in Riga. It is of course absolutely acceptable to travel alone, however, it is always nice if there is someone close to you supporting you during your stay. The accompanying person can stay with you in your private room during your whole stay at the Clinic.

Step 5

You arrive at Riga International Airport (RIX). Your name will be written on a board at the arrival hall. We organise your transfer from the airport to the hotel. Later on during the same day, our patient coordinator will meet you in the lobby of the hotel and (once more) take you through the whole process of how things will progress in the coming days. Next morning our patient coordinator will take you to the Clinic. The coordinator will visit you during your stay at the Clinic from time to time.

The room at the Clinic is private and comfortable. All meals will be provided during your stay at the Clinic.

Step 6

After your surgery is complete, the recovery phase starts. Your doctor will monitor your recovery and the rehabilitation specialist will help you to start walking independently (initially with crutches) as soon as possible. The rehabilitation specialist will teach you new movement behavioural habits during the first days, weeks and months following the surgery.

Step 7

We arrange your transfer to the airport for your journey home.

Step 8

It will take time for your rehabilitation to be complete and you can fully return to your regular everyday life. As a follow up, we will be available to answer any of your questions by telephone or email.

We hope you enjoyed your stay with us at Orthopaedic Riga and are ready for a renewed future.